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Why TranslationFX?

As a specialized language service provider (LSP), we translate the entire spectrum of texts and documents relating to the real estate industry for the German / English language pair.

Demand for real estate translations has been growing due to the ongoing globalization of real estate markets. In this day and age, it is critical for companies to work with professional translation providers to get the results they are looking for in their internal and external communication strategies.

Some of the most common text types that require translation include:

- Market and research reports

- Marketing materials (e.g., investment memos and sales particulars)

- Valuation reports

- Tenancy agreements and sales and purchase agreements (SPAs)

- Fee agreements signed with brokers and advisors

- Websites.

Our translators are native-speaking real estate experts who master the relevant industry jargon and client-specific corporate language.



Added Value For Our Clients 

Real estate & investment expertise

Our in-house team knows all the tricks of the trade. We deliver industry-leading, quality translations for the real estate and finance sectors.

Fast delivery

Time-to-market is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world. Our experienced team also handles time-critical jobs without compromising quality.

End-to-end translation services

The entire translation and quality assurance workflow is handled by our dedicated in-house team. Our native-speaking translators, editors and layout specialists work hand in hand, guaranteeing high-quality results.

State-of-the-art translation technology

We create client-specific translation memories and glossaries, guaranteeing consistency when it comes to corporate wording and terminology.

Best-in-class quality management


We subject our translation process to strict quality control (in accordance with ISO 17100). In addition to traditional proofreading (4-eyes principle), we also use modern tools (ApSIC Xbench).

Security and confidentiality

We handle your documents in compliance with current confidentiality requirements. We also adhere to strict privacy regulations. Documents with critical security requirements can be exchanged via a secure server.

This is how it works

Order receipt &

text analysis

Client input & consulting

Research &


Translation using client-specific translation memory

Proofreading based on 2-man rule

Final edits & adjustments to guarantee optimal outcome

Layout & formatting

Final quality assurance with ApSIC Xbench


Each translation job is special. Get in touch and tell us about your translation project:


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